LaxFuture, the tool

LaxFuture is a lacrosse tool that matches a high school recruit with colleges and universities based on academic and lacrosse potential. The objective is to come up with a list of schools where recruit credentials are consistent with a schools requirements. The program is designed for both boys and girls and considers all collegiate lacrosse programs including varsity, associate and club levels. Each recruit will answer a few simple questions to evaluate his/her academic and lacrosse potential and the recruit will then be assigned an academic and lacrosse rating from 0-25.These numbers will then be compared with the academic and lacrosse ratings (from 0-25) of colleges and universities that have a lacrosse program. When the recruits ratings and college ratings are in the same ‘ball park,’ the program will consider it a match!


step 1

Recruit's Academic Evaluation

step 2

Recruit's Lacrosse Evaluation

step 3

Select a college or list of colleges

step 4

Find A Match

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