LaxFuture is a lacrosse tool that matches a high school recruit with colleges and universities based on academic and lacrosse potential. The objective is to come up with a list of schools where recruit credentials are consistent with a schools requirements. The program is designed for both boys and girls and considers all collegiate lacrosse programs including varsity, associate and club levels. There are principals to recruiting that LaxRating is modeled after. They are:

  • Getting noticed by college coaching staffs through summer and fall tournaments.
  • Playing to a high level of competition either in high school or attending elite camps and tournaments.
  • Demonstrating athleticism by participatng in multiple sports.
  • Demonstrating leadership and a will to win in all aspects of sports and life.
  • Achieving academic standards that meet school requirements. Keepng the above in mind, here is a synopsis of how Laxrating works.

Each recruit will answer a few simple questions to evaluate his/her academic and lacrosse potential and the recruit will then be assigned an academic and lacrosse rating from 0-25. Each lacrosse college has an academic and lacrosse rating from 0-25 and when comparing the recruit's with college ratings, the match will result in 1 of 5 outcomes:

  • Very unlikely: the recruit's rating is less than 2.5 of the college's rating.
  • Unlikely: the recruit's rating is between -1.0 and -2.5 of the college's rating.
  • Possible: the recruits rating is within -1.0 to +1.0 of the college's rating.
  • Likely: the recruit's rating's is between +1. and +2.5 of the college's rating.
  • Very likely: the recruit's rating is greater than 2.5 of the college's rating.
  • The recruits lacrosse rating is 17.0; the college lacrosse rating is 20.4: result is very unlikely (-3.4)
  • The recruits academic rating is 22.0; the college academic rating is 17.0: result is very likely (+5.0)
  • The recruits academic rating is 15.0 and lacrosse rating is 22.0; the college's academic rating is 17.0 and lacrosse rating is 19.0: result is unlikely academically (-2.0) and making the team is very likely(+3.0)

List of High School and College Ratings

At the top of the page and to the right is a tab "High School and College Ratings." By clicking on this tab, a drop- down of five lists of data will appear. They are the following ranking:

  • High Schools based on their number of recruits playing on 2014 varsity rosters and the lacrosse rating based on Laxpower's national lacrosse rating
  • States based on their number of recruits playing on 2014 varsity rosters
  • Leagues based on their number of recruits playing on 2014 varsity rosters
  • Colleges that have a varsity or club lacrosse team based on ACT or SAT test scores
  • Colleges that have a varsity or club lacrosse team based on power ratings. This data allows you to examine the best high school, state and league lacrosse programs; the best college lacrosse programs and academics based on test scores of all colleges offering lacrosse.

Modifying the Algorithm

The algorithm depends on the weight placed on certain factors. For example, academically, some schools consider grade point average more important than test scores and vice-versa. Other criteria such as class percentile, academic awards and recommendations weigh in heavily or not having a strong influence. The same goes for lacrosse criteria such as role on team, the high school attended, playing multiple sports, etc. For this reason, you, the user can have control over the significance of these factors by adjusting the weighting of these crtiteria. To do this, go to the upper right tab and select "Change Algorithm" and chosse either "Academic Algorithm" or "Lacrosse Algorithm." Then select the appropriate criteria/slide and move the slider to the left or right to change the impact that criteria makes. This gives you the opportunity to basically negate certain criteria or increase its impact.


LaxRating is a program that computerizes the process of matching a lacrosse recruits credentials with college lacrosse program requirements. The information and algorithms presented here is meant to facilitate access to lacrosse data and college entrance requirements. The statistical predictions do not and can not include all factors that will influence a recruit's chances and so making decisions based strictly on these results is ill-advised. However, while you may or may not agree with the ratings, the collection of this data should prove useful in your search to find the right school expeditiously. Good Luck!